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Animal Agriculture: Myths & Facts –
Produced by the Animal Industry Foundation (AIF), they used public research results which show the farmer/rancher is the most credible spokesperson for animal agriculture, AIF has produced this 18-minute video wherein farmers and ranchers walk audiences through their farms/ranches while explaining what they do, the benefits of top animal care, and how they feel when accused of cruelty or of producing an unsafe food product. Released in 1990. 18 minutes. Grades 5-12.


– Come on an exploration of our favorite fruit, the apple! Visit an apple orchard over the seasons from winter pruning to fall harvesting. Hear the story of important apple pioneers, Johnny Appleseed and John McIntosh. Look at apple cells through an electron microscope. Share in the Halloween excitement of apple bobbing and candied apple making. Includes a booklet of activities. Released in 1996. 30 minutes. Ages 5-13.

Vrrrooommm 3, Apple Farming for KIDS -A part of the award-winning Farming for Kids video series this video continues the live action adventure exploring modern apple production. From pollination to processing, join Farmer Bill as he shares the chronology of how apples are grown and make their way to your local market. This video uses plenty of hi-tech machinery and spectacular footage guaranteed to entertain and enlighten viewers. Released in 1997. Approximately 30 minutes. Closed Captioned. Grades 1-6.


Chosen Fields: Exploring Careers in Agriculture –
Help students get a taste of careers in agriculture with “Chosen Fields”, a video from Illinois Farm Bureau®. It highlights careers in agricultural engineering, animal behavior, animal nutrition, and landscape design—careers that your students will love to learn about! It includes a CD-Rom with 15 classroom lessons to explore careers in agriculture. Released in 2000. 8 minutes 30 seconds. Closed Captioned. Ages 10-16.


Vrrrooommm 2, Dairy Farming for KIDS –
Friendly Farmer Bill takes you again on a personal tour of a modern family farm. Join him as he explores what it is like to live and work on a 700-cow dairy farm. From cows mooing to tractors roaring, this entertaining and educational video has it all. Follow milk production from growing the herd’s feed all the way to seeing cheese made. Released in 1996. Approximately 30 minutes. Closed Captioned. Grades 1-6

Make Mine Milk – Teaches students where milk comes from, how milk is transported and processed, and how milk contributes to a nutritious diet. This entertaining video integrates curriculum areas such as geography, science, and mathmatics. Includes a booklet of activities. 27 minutes, 10 seconds. Grades K-6


The Incredible Classroom Eggsperience – A family and consumer science education challenges her students to prepare a creative demonstration on the nutritional value of individual foods. With the focus on students teaching other students, the story follows Robert, Susan, and Maria as they use traditional cookbooks and the modern Internet to compile data about the production, nutritional value and uses of eggs, dispelling myths along the way. Released in 1997. 16 minutes 48 seconds. Ages 12-18. 


General Agriculture
Connecting to Agriculture
– This exciting, fast-paced video is a great way for students to learn about how agriculture connects to their lives. Animation, fun facts and farmers tell the story of agriculture and how it relates to economics, science, and business. Interwoven through the commodity stories of corn, cotton, apples, dairy, and soybeans are important concepts such as: biodegradable properties, renewable resources, biotechnology, foreign trade, pest management, conservation practices, and food quality. Released in 1998. 16 minutes 30 seconds. Ages 10-16.

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