Shred Day

MCFB Public Relations Committee Community Shred Day

Date: April 16 - 7:30 am - 9:30 am
Place: MCFB office - 1150 West Pershing Road in Decatur

*Consumers are welcome to bring up to five boxes of materials to shred (businesses may NOT participate).
*Participants must donate a minimum donation of five canned goods, which will be donated to the Northeast Community Fund.

* All participants are required to stay in their car until notified by an event representative
* Cars must stay in the traffic flow lane and wait their turn to be allowed service
* Shred technicians are not allowed to handle the material; each individual customer will be required to place confidential documents in the bin for shredding
* This will require participants to dump their boxes or bags into the service bin, please account for this and only use boxes or bags that you can lift yourself
  *Limit of 3-5 standard size boxes or bags per vehicle
* Participants are no longer allowed to park off to the side and bring boxes or bags in order to skip the lines, you will be required to wait in your car and in line for your turn
* Please make sure there are no batteries, electronics, or large metal/wood in the material that you are designating for shredding, this can damage the shredding system
* At this time COPS is not allowing participants to come up to the truck to view the shredding screen
* COPS reserves the right to turn any participant away if they are not complying with the revised standards